14 December 2021

RIB Software SE: Squeeze-out of minority shareholders registered with the commercial register

Corporate News

Stuttgart, December 14, 2021: RIB Software SE (the "Company") announces the registration in the commercial register on December 14, 2021 of the resolution by the Company's extraordinary shareholders' meeting of November 3, 2021 to the effect that, in accordance with secs. 327a et seq. German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), the Company's shares held by other shareholders (minority shareholders) are transferred to Schneider Electric Investment AG, Düsseldorf, (majority shareholder) against payment of an adequate cash consideration in the amount of 41.72 Euro for each registered share with nominal value in the Company.

Upon registration of the transfer resolution with the commercial register, all shares held by minority shareholders are transferred to the majority shareholder by act of law.

The stock exchange listing of the shares in RIB Software SE is expected to be terminated in the nearby future. Further details regarding the payment procedure for the cash consideration will be provided in the context of a forthcoming announcement by Schneider Electric Investment AG in the German Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger).

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