08 November 2021

Aroundtown decides on launch of public delisting tender offer to shareholders of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG

October 20, 2021  

Aroundtown SA (“Aroundtown” or the “Company”) has decided today to offer to shareholders of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG (“TLG”) to purchase all no-par value bearer shares of TLG (the “TLG Shares”) by way of a public delisting tender offer (the “Offer”). Under the Offer, the Company will offer EUR 31.67 in cash as consideration for each TLG Share tendered for acceptance, subject to determination of the minimum price and the final determination in the corresponding offer document. As a public delisting tender offer, the Offer will not be subject to any closing conditions, and will, in particular, not include a minimum acceptance threshold. The Offer is designed to satisfy the criteria for a revocation of the TLG Shares’ admission to trading on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.   

To this end, Aroundtown has entered into a delisting agreement with TLG. The delisting agreement provides that TLG will support the Offer and will file an application for the revocation of the admission to trading of the TLG Shares on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange prior to expiry of the acceptance period.  

The offer consideration in cash corresponds to the highest consideration paid by Aroundtown for the acquisition of TLG Shares within the last six months and therefore exceeds the domestic volume-weighted average stock exchange price of TLG Shares during the last six months prior to the announcement of the Offer (the “Six-Months VWAP”), calculated on the basis of publicly available information. Should the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, “BaFin”) notify Aroundtown of a higher statutory minimum price as a result of its determination of the Six-Months VWAP, the price under the Offer will amount to the Six-Months VWAP determined by BaFin as the statutory minimum price.  

Due to non-tender agreements entered or expected to be entered into, the Company assumes that approx. 21,172,173 TLG Shares will not be acquired under the Offer.   

The proposed Offer as well as its final terms, conditions and further provisions will be set out in the offer document which Aroundtown will publish following BaFin’s approval. Once BaFin has approved publication, the offer document will be published in accordance with the German Securities Acquisition and Takeover Act and the acceptance period for the offer will begin. Aroundtown expects the acceptance period to run from the beginning of November to the beginning of December 2021. Once available, the offer document and all other information in connection with the proposed Offer will be published on Aroundtown’s homepage under https://www.aroundtown.de/investor-relations/equity/delisting-offer-tlg-immobilien-ag/.

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